Brighten Up Your Home With New Windows

Order residential window replacements and commercial window replacements in Hastings, MI

If your window is cracked or foggy, you might want to think about replacing it. Bay to Bay Building Concepts, LLC can take on the residential window replacements you want. We work with quality materials to install windows that look beautiful and last a long time.

You can count on us for help if your window has been:

  • Damaged in a storm
  • Broken by a fallen branch or stray rock
  • Ruined by moisture damage

Reach out to us in Hastings, MI now for residential window replacements.

Energy Efficiency

At Bay to Bay, we offer a wide variety of window options to choose from. We're also extremely proud to have energy efficient options available, which are our vinyl windows. These windows are an incredible option that are both long term and energy efficient. Whether or not your energy costs are of concern to you, getting new windows installed or replaced, can help you lower your costs, giving you more pocket change to put towards other things!

Many times people aren't even aware of the amount that they could be saving when it comes to their home energy bill. If you have windows that are dated, older, or showing visual signs of wear and tear, getting these replaced can help improve the functionality of your home. Many times older windows can let cold or hot air in, depending upon the weather. This can cause your AC unit to have to go into overtime, which can not only boost your energy bill but also cause more stress on your home's system. Get your windows replaced with our energy efficient options! If you have any questions about our energy efficient options, get in touch with an expert today! We're more than happy to help you find the best option for you!

Long Lasting

While a window job built by Bay to Bay is built to withstand the test of time, you'll find that our durable vinyl frames are built to last longer than other materials. Not only does this allow you to go without any replacement services for longer but you'll be able to enjoy windows that are both beautiful and energy efficient! Like we've mentioned, we only use the best of the best when it comes to our windows, which makes them so much more long lasting than our competitors.

It's also important to note that normal wear and tear is common, and that no matter how you think your windows are doing, you should get them inspected from time to time. If you're needing window repair and maintenance due to storm or weather damage, we can also help! Depending on the severity of the storm damage and if your window is still intact, but is still functioning, we can offer our repair services that can be as little as a panel, frame, for repairing more than just the damaged area. Get in touch with us today to hear how we can assist you when it comes to window repairs due to storm damage!

Environmentally Safe Options

As a leading home construction company, we understand the amount of work and materials needed to keep up with your home projects. Which is why we're ecstatic to offer our customers the best home construction work that is also environmentally friendly!

When it comes to windows, our vinyl windows are not only built to last longer than your typical wood and aluminum windows, but they are also recyclable making them an incredible environmentally friendly choice. We only have one planet, which is why it's so important for us to do everything that we can to help it! While recyclable windows may be a small impact, it's an impact that can build up and make a difference in the home construction world.

If you're looking to get new windows and are wondering if your old windows are recyclable and how to dispose of them, connect with our experts today! We will be able to help you and give you the best course of action when it comes to safely disposing of your old window materials.